Keep your Nitrogen where it's needed. Retain. Gain. Sustain.

Keep your Nitrogen Where it's needed Retain. Gain. Sustain.

Improve fertiliser nitrogen efficiency by up to 176% with IPF Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers.*

Entec® & eNpower are modern Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers that provide improved management practice to help support and sustain your farming operation into the future. Entec® & eNpower are bacteriostatic, they work to retain your nitrogen in ammonium form by putting bacteria to sleep. This maintains soil health and keeps nitrogen available to the crop for longer and in a form less prone to runoff, leaching and denitrification.

With more nitrogen available, your crop has the ability to gain yield where nitrogen loss has been prevented. In a recent trial ENTEC was able to deliver yield increases of 51% (t/ha of cane) and 33% (t/ha of sugar) respectively^. Plus ENTEC has been proven to decrease annual greenhouse gas emissions of nitrous oxide by approximately 83%^ meaning that you’re also helping the environment, in more ways than one.

With only one simple modification – asking for Entec® or eNpower when ordering your fertiliser loads – you can keep your normal cane nutrition program and keep your nitrogen where it’s needed.

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