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Soil health starts with knowing what it needs.

Only a regular routine of strategic nutrient analysis can tell you just what you’re missing, and how much you need to apply when and at what frequency, for optimum efficiency and yield. For almost 60 years Nutrient Advantage has helped farmers and agronomists gain a productivity edge through reliable soil and tissue testing, and nutrient advice.

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IPF eNpower™

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Keeping nitrogen available to your crop for longer – and in a form less prone to runoff, leaching and denitrification – has never been more important. IPF’s patented eNpower® formulation makes it easy and simple to get the most out of your investment in nitrogen. It slows down the conversion of ammonium N to nitrate, keeping nitrogen where it’s needed to optimise cane yield. Which is great for your productivity.

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IPF Senior Technical Agronomist Jim Laycock

Planning nitrogen applications and rethinking potential urea nitrogen volatilisation losses.

What are the key considerations in your nitrogen management strategy? The latest Agronomic Insight from our agronomy team is a deep dive into planning nitrogen applications and includes some great practical tips.

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Keep water and nutrients where they’re needed with Trigger.

Trigger from IPF is a uniform, high-quality humic acid granule that can easily be included in your basal fertiliser, meaning no wasted time with separate applications. It’s an easy way to bolster soil health, and improve nutrient and soil water retention, for peak crop performance.

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Custom blends.

Our comprehensive range of blends allows you to match the nutrients in the fertiliser to your crop requirements to maximise the value of your fertiliser investment.

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