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Soil health starts with knowing what it needs.

Only a regular routine of strategic nutrient analysis can tell you just what you’re missing, and how much you need to apply when and at what frequency, for optimum efficiency and yield. For almost 60 years Nutrient Advantage has helped farmers and agronomists gain a productivity edge through reliable soil and tissue testing and nutrient advice.

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How our science solved the
great urea disappearing act.

In unfavourable seasonal conditions similar to Summercrop, up to 27%* of nitrogen in urea can be lost to the atmosphere before it’s had the chance to do its job. That’s a disappearance we put our brightest minds to solving. The result is Green Urea NV®, a patented urease inhibitor coating which stabilises your broadcast nitrogen, reducing the potential loss of nitrogen. That’s better for your soil health, yield potential and pocket.

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The factors that contribute to ammonia loss

IPF Technical Agronomist Bede O’Mara lists soil moisture, pH, temperature, crop canopy, trash and time as impacting factors of ammonia losses.

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What’s the implication of ammonia loss?

Technical Agronomist David McRae talks ammonia and the impact of losses to growers, society and the environment.

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How can ammonia losses be mitigated?

Technical Agronomist Bede O’Mara talks Green Urea NV for broadcast N application in summer crops.

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Green Urea NV for summer crop 2022-23

Given the forecast is for above-average rainfall, there may be limited opportunities to apply and incorporate nitrogenous fertilisers.

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