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Australian soil health

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For Australian Farmers, soil is their most important and valuable asset.

You witness firsthand the role soil health plays in driving the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of Australian farm businesses.

Farm Profitability

Farm Productivity

Sustainable Soils

Our soil health test package is to help farmers better measure and manage their soil health, empowering them to make decisions that boost their productivity, profitability today while safeguarding the sustainability of their businesses into the future.

The Sustainable Advantage

Gain The Advantage

Take your existing soil testing program to the next level.

Future Farm Security

Improve the health of your soil for generations to come.

Farm Management Practice Changes

Are your management practices improving soil health?

Improved Knowledge

Confirm how healthy your soil is and put a measure on it.


Don’t rely on chemical soil testing alone and understand the interactions between physical and biological elements.

Farm Resilience

Establish a baseline and benchmark your soil health to develop long term farm resilience.

Soil Health Package

The ability to measure and monitor soil’s key biological, chemical, and physical characteristics is essential to improving soil health. The Soil Health Test Package enables analysis of the interactions between all three elements and how together they impact soil health. By understanding the differences in interactions, you can make targeted improvements to their under-performing areas and increase productivity and sustainability. Our soil health test package will interpret the results and provide recommendations on how to improve those areas.


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How it works

Continue your regular soil testing program and add-on the Soil Health Test Package.

Benchmark and measure any movements in the key indicators of soil health.

Rotate sampling of paddocks every 3-4 years

Take the samples the same time of year and if possible, with the same level of soil moisture.

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Case Studies and Articles

Grenfell Trial

Australian farmers manage approximately 60% of the Australian landscape and witness firsthand the role soil health plays in driving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australian farm businesses.

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Soil health testing reveals simple solutions

As sugarcane growers prepare for this year’s harvest, many will not be equipped with a holistic knowledge of the health of their soil to inform management decisions.

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Loveday & Pyle test – a comprehensive indicator of soil stability

Soil structure has a significant impact on crop and pasture productivity. Soils that are well structured with good stability allow plants to develop root systems that explore the soil profile, accessing water, nutrients and oxygen.

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Laying the groundwork for healthy soil

Healthy soil is crucial to growers optimising productivity, with testing an important component of fully understanding the limitations and potential productivity of soil.

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Trust the specialists

Our team of industry-leading soil health specialists work in what is regarded as one of the country’s leading nutrient testing laboratories, with the broadest range of National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited nutrient tests in Australia.

We provide Agronomists and their farming clients with professional agronomic advice tailored to their specific needs, as well as expert interpretation of results to help you make better informed agronomic decisions for a sustainable advantage.

Australian owned and trusted, Nutrient Advantage is accredited to the highest standard.

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