For those wanting to hone their skills in developing effective, cutting-edge nutrient programs for their clients, Nutrient Advantage’s Agronomy in Practice Training is a must.

Agronomy in Practice is a hands-on, in-person course providing the ultimate education in best practice for soil, plant tissue and water sampling, as well as results analysis and interpretation and making fertiliser recommendations.

Agronomy in Practice is supported by the highest level of industry recognition and accreditation. It is a training pathway for agronomists and advisors to become Fertcare Accredited Advisors and the course is popular among those wanting to take their service to the next level.

Agronomy in Practice will allow you to:

  • Develop an in depth understanding of chemical, physical, and biological soil properties.
  • Recognise salinity, acidity, alkalinity and sodicity problems and how to provide solutions.
  • Use the correct sampling technique for soil, tissue and plant samples.
  • Develop nutrient programs using the 5R principles (right product, right rate, right time, right place and right agronomy).
  • Interpret analysis results and manage sample testing through the Nutrient Advantage laboratory.

You will also gain access NA Pro and LabSTREAM – Nutrient Advantages leading software – to generate effective nutrient programs and create reports.

Through the training you will meet and build lasting relationships with industry peers and leading IPF agronomists.

By completing Agronomy in Practice you will be eligible to apply to Fertiliser Australia to become a Fertcare Accredited Advisor. The Fertcare accreditation program ensures farmers receive high quality advice which optimises productivity while minimising any environmental and food safety risks.

Agronomy in Practice courses often book out well in advance. So, visit the Nutrient Advantage website to learn more, see the training schedule and book your spot.